Exploradome observatory upgrade kit

59mm wheel and bearing kit to upgrade the stock wheels and bearings on the smaller Exploradome astronomical observatory.

Here's a link to Charlie Trumps
observatory upgrade page


Basic Kit: $99.99!*

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20: 59mm X 83a
Labeda Shooter
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40: ZeroDrag Recreational
inline skate bearings
Lubrication = grease, will need some break in time and is not recommended for racing.
40: ZeroDrag Fitness
inline skate bearings
Lubrication = oil, smooth rolling with good free spin. add $10.00

20: Aluminum shoulder 6mm
Sonic brand bearing spacer for skates that use 6mm axles
add $25.00

RollerBob has no knowledge or experience with the Exploradome astronomical observatory and cannot provide instructions or assembly advice. However I have supplied wheel and bearing kits for this application to others and have had no complaints, so I'm guessing it works pretty well.

In general I feel that the less expensive ZeroDrag Recreational bearings which are greased would be a better low maintenance choice. However one customer who has done this upgrade pointed out that the race oiled bearings are smoother in low temperatures and that's why he used the oiled bearings and not the greased bearings.

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