What should I know about choosing inline bearings?

Using a quality, name brand bearing is important. RollerBob features ZeroDrag brand bearings that are high quality, value priced and built specifically for inline skating. The most important consideration when buying inline bearings is if you want the low maintenance properties of a greased bearing or the performance advantages of an oiled bearing. Keep in mind that the performance difference between the most and least expensive ZeroDrag bearings is subtle. Recreational skaters who are not interested in doing any maintenance will be happiest using the greased ZeroDrag Recreational bearings. These for the most part can be installed and forgotten about until wheels are needed again. Typically the ZeroDrag Recreational bearings will go two seasons without any maintenance. Fitness skaters and skaters who occasionally race may want the extra performance edge of an oiled bearing and these skaters are typically willing to oil the bearings as needed. A really good time to oil your bearings is when you rotate the wheels.

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